Friday, September 28, 2007

Ick, a Tick!

My poor little poochie! Okay, so a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix is not so little. But the poor little guy (age wise) had a small red rash on his belly since our walk in the woods. I had checked it out, thinking it was a bug bite, but didn't see the tiny tick 'til today... .

Another little one had crawled up on my leg when I was sitting on the floor the other day. He was promptly sent down the drain to check out our plumbing and septic tank, and I don't expect to see him any time soon. I've hardly seen any ticks, this summer, so haven't worried about them as much.

This is a deer tick, the ones that carry Lymes Disease. Symptoms the Vet said I need to watch out for are:

* Stiffness/Lameness
* Swelling of Joints or Limbs
* Fever
* Lethargy/Reluctance to Move
* Loss of Appetite
* Vomiting
* Depression


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