Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Creative Cooking

Microwave cooking just ~doesn't~ cut it for some things when you're away from home and trying to keep costs down. Nuking bread will not produce toast, and just forget about trying to grill cheese! My hubby had suggested bringing our trusty gluten-free toaster with us on our lastest family vacation so we could indulge in some frugal meals, but I declined. I like to pack light, and besides, could you imagine the hotel maid's reaction??? Well, maybe that's how coffee makers ended up being standard fare in hotel and motel rooms... .

Having just recently succumbed to pricey restaurant meals (hey, for a family of five, it really adds up!), I was thrilled to discover a new way of cooking at least one meal for my kids while away. It's on an adorable site that's posted below. (I'm wondering if "Hi Monkey" will come out with his own cookbook any time soon!)

This recipe is for cooking Grilled Cheese with an ordinary iron. I'd add sliced pickles on mine, though. Nummy! Ooooops! Well, now I'm drooling at the thought..., so I'd better post this quickly and go ahead and make some for myself! Don't forget to pack some foil in your suitcase if you plan on attempting this away from home!

Bon appetite!!! --LKR


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