Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Few of Our Hummers...

Here are a few images of our ruby-throated hummingbirds. The male is the one with the red neck on the top left. The female is in the picture directly below. The drabber coloring enables her to blend in with the nest while she's incubating her eggs.

In the bottom photo, a monarch made a cameo appearance. I didn't even see it 'til I viewed the image on the computer!!! The female hummer is to the right of the pink phlox, and the butterfly is directly below.

Hummers and butterflies like pretty much the same flowers, so if your trying to attract one to your garden, you'll also be luring the other by cultivating the same plants. A two-for-one, sweet deal that's well worth the effort! --LKR

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