Monday, April 28, 2008

Who'da Thought...

Whoa--am I dreaming???

Can you believe it???

The 28th day of April greeted us with heavily laden Evergreen boughs, about 6″on our deck's railing, chairs, and grill with heavy wet snow!!! Thankfully, there was only about 2" to trudge through in the yard, which was tolerable to both me and poochie. The roads were all clear--no shoveling needed, so this was a dream snowfall!
It was 31 degrees @ 7am, and our hummingbird feeder was frozen. Fortunately, no hummers have been spotted in Eau Claire as of yet, according to Journey North.
In 2002, a record was set when 3" of snow fell in town. Depending on where the snow was measured, we very well may have set a new record for this date!

Driving into town, it was interesting to see grass sticking up through the snow. There were even patches of green under several trees! But, it was really strange--in Spring Valley, about 45 minutes west of us, there were no traces of snow!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time for a photo shoot. Some were shot through windows, and a few more were taken as I was heading for the school, early this morning. --LKR

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