Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Yeay, spring is finally here!!! Yesterday's 5" of snow has been melting all day, today! The frozen tundra is finally thawing!!!

Stepping out onto our deck, my eyes were drawn to a bright splash of color. Doing a double take, I found myself beholding a beautiful patch of purple crocuses!

We've been covered in a blanket of white snow since November, so it was rather shocking to see something other than blinding white (when the sun is shining!), black pavement, brown mud (just recently!), or the green of pines.

I can't wait to see more color! --LKR


Beth said...

wow, so beautiful to see the first flowers of spring!

Leza said...

Yes, it really is! I'm just hoping the rabbits and deer will leave my daffodils and tulips alone!

You may have noticed tell-tale signs of rabbits in that photo. They also love to hang out on our (open) front porch!!! :-) --I honestly love it *and* love them, even though they, er, "prune" my plants... ! LOL