Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Festval of Nations

On Wednesday, close to noon, I found myself frying and flipping a gluten-free adaptation of Palacsinta (Pa-la-cheen-ta), a Hungarian version of the French Crepe. They taste best nice and warm, you know! The fourth graders at my youngest daughter's school were hosting a Festival of Nations, and it was to begin at 1 that afternoon.

Since I am a full-blooded Hungarian (but born in the states!), Hannah decided to do Hungary for her presentation. Treasured embroidery (hímés) I've never let out of my possession before were entrusted with my 10 year old who treated them with respect.

My Dad's cousin in Hungary had embroidered and sent both me and my sister beautiful pillow cases, doilies, and runners as wedding gifts. Years earlier, a former neighbor brought back small decorative embroidered photo albums from Hungary as souvenirs for us, as well. These are what Hannah displayed.

Hannah's neighbor (at the event) and friend, Phil, who is 50 percent Syrian, did Syria. It was really interesting! You read of Syria and Damascus in the Bible, but I never realized how close it really is to eastern Europe, namely Hungary! The other interesting tidbit I learned about this country was it's flag. The green star on the left represents Syria, and the one on the right, Egypt.

Another really interesting and colorful display was Hannah's friend Shanzay's. She did hers on Pakistan. Shanzay wore a beautiful Pakistani costume, and had some interesting props from her country.

Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden, and several other countries were also represented by the students. Ethnic foods were served at many of these stations, adding to the lure of this event which was open to families and friends, as well as to the students and staff at the school.

There were lots of really interesting exhibits the students presented, each with engaging and unique personal stories they asked if they could share. My only regret was that I was not able to hear them all! --LKR

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