Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

The gusty winds are howling, and the presence of snow mixed with rain and sleet is threatening the very nature of spring! NOAA Weather Radio has cautioned it's listeners to make sure we're all still prepared for winter conditions.

Last night, possible blizzards were being predicted for the Duluth area. Closer to home, they're now saying we could get up to 5" of snow on Friday!!! While that remains to be seen, fellow cheeseheads are heeding the warning and have cancilled soccer games that were scheduled for Saturday.

I'm no where near as seasoned as the cheddarheads living up here in the north their whole lives, so I'll follow suit. I'd like to tell myself this is all a bad dream, or maybe click my heels together and whisper, "there's no place like home," but the cold sharp winds encountered when I brought poochie in was a rude awakening.

My kids ran all the way home from the bus stop after school. "It's hailing and snowing, and it hurts when it hits you!" they shrieked. And to think, my son almost left the house this morning wearing shorts!!! --LKR

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