Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Can See Clearly, Now

It was long overdue. Not from a fish's perspective, perhaps, as fish benefit from plant overgrowth. Aquatic greenery adds oxygen, as well as stabilizes mulm--fish waste, plant debris, and other organic stuff that's not totally decomposed that eventually falls down to the bottom.

This equates to getting away with less cleanings, and not having to replace the oxygenating filter system's motor that burned out after a power outage. Yes, you got me on this one--the evaporated water was not replenished as often as it should have been, either!

But it had irked my hubby that he could no longer see any of the fish in our tank. "What's the point in having a fish tank if you can't see the fish?" was his question to me.

Okay, even our huge, lemon-yellow Angelfish? Well, "Angel" (as the kids remember naming him, three and a half years ago) did like to hide among the jungle and tangle of leaves in the back of his abode. But, hubby was correct, it was time to totally empty and clean the aquarium, gravel and all. And, yes--thin out the aquatic vegetation so we could actually see all the fish, not just the "Big Lemon", my name for Angel!

If you've ever done a thorough cleaning of even a small tank, I'm sure you're already cringing. Ours isn't huge by any means, but I find that even lifting an empty 29 gallon aquarium is not only awkward but heavy!!! Lifting and carrying it 16 feet was not really my choice.

It was hubby who decided to rearrange our living room, and for a good reason, I might add. He 'd be bringing home the beautiful solid maple desk he made years ago in shop at Mosinee High School from his Mom's. It would take it's position of prominence in our place of dwelling.

So, this would be a two-fold project, and the effort would be well worth it!

I think Angel's happier, now, even though he can't hide as well. He can see me, better, and has been begging for food more often! Angel has an enormous appetite! Thanks to him, we've never had an infestation of snails!

Oh. Did I mention that our Neon Cardinal and Zebra Danio are missing??? --LKR

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