Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Early" Morning Frozen Tundra Scenes

Okay, this post is for those of you who wanted to see early morning pictures of our snow. Admit it, you're one of them! Just don't get your hopes up, too high--it was -2F at around 9am and I was not too keen on trudging through foot high virgin snow to get to areas that would have been of more interest!

Yup, this is me. I'm more than a little fuzzy, flat, and dark in the mornings, especially during the winter months.

Yes, it's what you think. One of my dearest cherubs decided to help unfreeze Poochies' chain--last night!!! The dreaded back-up plan: find leash and walk dog though yard--Ugh!

So, Poochie and I romped--if you could even call it that!--in an un-trampled section of snow for maybe, oh, I'd say two minutes before he flopped onto his side, stretching his frozen little toesies up out of the freezing snow.

No, he's not a wimp, but it's funny to see a big, "tough" German Shepherd doing that! (Fifi the Toy Poodle would get immediate sympathy. But laughter comes first with the larger dogs!)

Don't let this picture fool you--the town piled most of the snow in our driveway, just like they do with yours!

I'll end with a sunnier shot!

Think Spring!
(I've had enough winter. How 'bout you?)


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