Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hunger Strike???

Q: How do you tell if a snake is sleeping? A: You can't! They sleep with their eyes open!

Actually, if the scaled creature is all curled up and looks comfy and cozy, chances are he is asleep. However, when they are "lounging" over rocks and branches, your guess is as good as mine!

Our little fox snake still has his wild instincts and goes into semi-hibernation from fall to spring. This is the second season of winter we've had Jake, so I was familiar with it. Early on, he gets rather urgent in his slitherings, more than likely looking for a suitable place to do some serious snoozing.

My real quandary is this: How often do I feed him? I feel like an awful mother when he rejects food I've offered. So, he's not hungry, but I still worry--did he eat enough the last time I fed him??? Well, he obviously thinks so, but you know us moms. You can imagine the scenario:

"What?! You're going to be sleeping for how long, and that's all you ate?! Eat! Here's a fuzzy! If you don't eat that, I'll get you a smaller-sized portion. Oh, here's a pinkie for you anyway, just in case! Now, eat! Pleeeeese eat?"

A very knowledgeable man from a local pet shop came to my rescue, telling me I had an ideal situation. He wished domesticated snakes wouldn't loose that God-given instinct. "They eat less, and as a result, grow slower so you don't have to buy them a larger home as often," Jim told me.

Actually, I wouldn't mind that, but at least I now know for
certain that eating even a little about once a month or so is normal. It's always nice to have something other than "huntches" to go on, you know? Especially when you have a critter whose well-being depends upon you!

There are choices. Jake can be kept warmer with a light added to make him think it's not wintertime. He can be kept the way he is, thinking he's in a warmer state like Kentucky or Kansas. Or, his quarters could be made darker and cooler to sleep away the winter blues and blahs.

Which would you choose? --LKR


Carol said...

Personally, I'd like to sleep the winter blues and blahs away! Hahahaha! For your snake, I think he would be happiest doing what he is doing now, don't ya think?

Leza said...

LOL! I agree with you, Carol, on *both* things! :-D