Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frigid Arctic Air Blows in...

Mom calls me a Kissy Boy because I kiss kiss kiss everything. Boxes. Toys. My kitty sister Rocky. Mom. Siblings. Windows. And doors.

This morning, as Mom was getting ready to take me out into the white fluffy fun stuff gone slippery, I kissed the heavy inside door, I did. I then kissed the outside door. I had to pull pull pull 'til my tongue finally came back to me. Mom kissed, cuddled, and fussed over me, and now I don't quite remember how I felt before my tongue wouldn't come back. I love to cuddle, I do, I do!

We went outside and both slid on the white fluffy fun stuff gone slippery. I quickly did what I needed to do, and asked if we could go back inside, I did. Mom said it was -39F with the windchill, whatever that means. I'll just say it was really cold out there, even for me in my winter fur coat, it was!

Before we went in, I almost ate my sibling William's snowman, I did. He made the eyes and mouth with my din-din, he did. I think he would have told me it was a big no-no, I do.

My siblings are home, again, today. It's not the weekend or a snow day, Mom said, she did. Today's a cold day. It sure is, I say! --Mister Poochie

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