Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starved Rock, Day One

Both days we hiked in Starved Rock, it was in the 80's!!! It felt more like summer than spring! The wooded park gave us some relief from the heat, and the temperature by the waterfalls was refreshingly cool.
French Falls cascading into another mini waterfall

Waiting in line to climb up the narrow stream to French Falls
I love this waterfall! Several years ago, we were hiking back here during an unexpected thunder storm. The thunder echoed through the canyons, but when we reached beautiful French Falls, we felt safe in this narrowly walled fortress!
The trails are easy to follow and well marked
Honestly, the walking is worth it!
There is beauty around every bend!
Nearing Wildcat Falls
Oh, did I mention the stairs???
Walking around Wildcat Falls
A trail walks you over the source leading to Wildcat Falls
Wildcat Falls
Hiking in Tonty Canyon
Rounding the bend to Tonty Falls
Can you feel its spray?
Tonty Falls
Part of the sandstone canyon by Tonty Falls
LaSalle Falls
View from almost underneath the falls
We just love LaSalle Falls! The kids get a kick out of walking behind it. (So do we!)  Here, my family is standing at the side of LaSalle while I'm shooting from behind the waterfall.
Starved Rock to the left, and the Illinois River and dam to the right.  The sandstone butte is named after the legend where Indians were surrounded and trapped by other tribes and they starved to death.

Another super place to hike is Matthiessen State Park which is located a hop, skip, and a jump from Starved Rock's westernmost trail.  --LKR

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