Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brookfield Zoo

We just love Brookfield Zoo! We were members when we lived in Illinois, and came here often. It has changed a lot in the last four years with an added merry-go-round and playground, but the animals are still very well cared for and happy, so it's always a pleasure to come visit!
A seal happily swimming
I had to see the elephants. Though they're not my favorite animal, I love to see their huge smiles!
I wonder what he's squawking about!
We also saw penguins swimming with large fish in another exhibit in the Living Coast.
This giant starfish is part of the Living Coast exhibit. My sister and I, both beach bums, used to rescue small starfish; various crabs, including horseshoe crabs; sea horses (though they were usually in pretty rough shape if they washed up on shore); and other sea creatures after high tide. I don't know about any of you, but if I ever saw a starfish this big, I would have freaked!!!
Some sort of monitor
A beautiful bird
An interesting birdIsn't he sweet?!
Socrates (left) flirting with a female camel. A sign told us he is too young to breed and therefore has to be separated from the others 'til he's older.
A lovely couple!
This beautiful tiger put on a show for us all, playing with his toys in--and out--of the water.

I really miss not living close to this zoo. Hopefully the next time we're in the Chicago area, we'll be able to visit here, again! --LKR

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