Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rainy Soccer Day

Wild horses couldn't have dragged me out of the safety and shelter of my van! Instead, I cowardly pulled into a parking space nearest to the field my son was playing on.

Futile attempts were made in digitally documenting the 1 1/2 hour game that, by the way, continued in a downpour of much needed rain. Had the sun been shining, I would have carried my weary carcass to the soccer field and cheered both teams on at this early morning game.
I honestly love watching kids play soccer! The above image is the best shot I got from this morning, which was made as the storm subsided. (Raindrops blurred many goal shots of younger teams playing, and my son's team was too far for a decent, recognizable image!) Those brave souls! --LKR

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