Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Meeelting!!!

Without much of a thought, I carefully--and routinely--made my way across the unavoidable, treacherous ice on our driveway to what my niece calls the Kidney Bean, aka our maroon minivan. I was heading out for a meeting and then for some shopping while out in town, escaping what would otherwise have been a day spent in solitude.

Three hours later, pulling back into the driveway, I noticed not only was the ice gone, but the majority of the water from it melting had also evaporated!!!
A jubilant victory song spontaneously broke forth in my head: "Ding! Dong! The ice is gone! Which old ice? The driveway's ice! Ding! Dong! The driveway's ice is gone!" Ha! Winter is being defeated!!!

We had reached temps in the high 30's, today, and tomorrow we'll be expecting temps in the low 40's! Spring is on it's way!!! --LKR

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