Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hummers, Orioles, Heading North!

The hummers are early, this year!!! According to Journey North ruby-throated hummingbirds have been spotted as far north as Williamsburg, VA, on the east coast, and East Ridge, TN more inland!!!

ufous Hummers have blanketed the west coast with their presence, as well, so spring is well on its way!

If you put your feeders out, early, they will be grateful. They are on the move with few, if any, flowers to feast from, though they will also eat bugs. Your choice--invite pesky bugs to your yard, or put out your feeders without dely!!!

Don't forget those lovely orange and black birds who also will come looking to dine at your hummingbird feeders! Orioles are also on the move and farther north in their journey. They've already been reported in
Raleigh, ND, and Edina, MN. Orioles will also indulge in grape jelly, orange slices, berries, and of course insects!

I can't wait to have these beautiful birds back at my feeders! --LKR

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