Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cow Calving!

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch one of our friend's cows give birth. Below are pictures of the happy occasion!
A blue sack comes before the white sack that contiains the calf
Front hoofs
Yup, that's the calf's tongue!
Mom cleans her baby (a male) while her neighbor smiles approvingly!
Good job, Mom! --LKR


Anonymous said...

Cool !

rosanna said...

Aww ! Its Da Samme Wiff Horses!! But Horses Have A LOT More Blood! Its Scary! Cuzz I Had To Helpp

Leza said...

That's cool, Rosanna! I'd *love* to watch a horse being born in real life! That's really neat you got to help with the birth, too!!! :-) At one point in my life, I had wanted to become a vet, so this kind of stuff really interests me!