Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taken Back In Time

"Be ready in 15
minutes! I'm picking you up and we're going to check out my
mid-life crisis car!" quipped my half serious hubby.

Pulling into the car lot, we drove over to an awesome, blue '73 VW Bug. A manual, it had a sunroof, a real weakness for my hubby.

We both marveled over what good condition it was in for a 37 year old car! Hubby was sorely tempted to buy it, even though it needed a lot of work. Though it leaked oil and smelled of gas, it ran just fine!

Hubby and I took it out for a spin along the service road. The memories it brought back were priceless. My mom had two little Beetles like this, one red and the other yellow. Both were semi-automatic (stick, no clutch), and fun to drive!

My dad especially loved to tinker around with it. He was a tailor by trade, but a mechanic at heart, fixing appliances, radios, and tvs for the fun of it. Shear pleasure for him, which also meant less mechanic bills!

At that same time period, I had owned a beautiful '73
Ford Mustang. I can only hope my "Yellow Banana", as I called it, is still on the road like this little Bug!

Oh, happy daze... ! --LKR

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