Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events...

This morning was difficult, to say the least. A snow storm had come through just to the south of us, and all three cherubs were hopeful for a snow day. My son, who's historically had difficulty getting up on mornings when there is school, was more difficult to drag out of bed than usual.

My hubby had to get to work to teach college early this morning, so I took over with the early morning routine. Tickling and being overly silly helps make things better for my son in the morning, but we unfortunately ran out of time to get out for the bus. Meanwhile, my oldest daughter ran back into the house, and, between breaths, said, "It's not my fault! The bus driver never even saw me!" She had been running alongside the bus!!!

The bus arrives at the corner at 7:00am. It's still dark, and I just can't understand why junior high and high school students who are naturally becoming night owls are subjected to early morning wake up calls.

The snow plow came through our neighborhood at 6:35, this morning. They are busy working on the main roads before this, which is more than understandable. I listened to the radio for school closings, and they were all south of us.

I got my youngest daughter up while my oldest decided her stomach was awake enough for breakfast and made scrambled eggs. My son wouldn't eat. My youngest rarely can eat in the morning because of GERD which my oldest daughter also has. Challenging, but I understand because I had similar problems.

My oldest started the car to warm up, then took Mister Poochie out in the swirling snow. After youngest left on her bus, oldest went to sit in the car, then came flying back into the house. "It's not my fault! Promise you won't get mad at me, okay? I accidentally power locked all the doors in the car..., and my backpack is trapped inside!"

I laughed and made another call to both schools, then called hubby. Unfortunately, our van is being worked on, and this is a loaner car. Hubby fortunately was able to drive over to the auto body shop, get a spare key, and drive the cherubs off to school. I am now leaving for the vets for an eye check-up for our 7 month old kitten who had an eye injury. --LKR

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