Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...The Saga Continues

If this morning was a bit chaotic and on the 'Oops!" side of things, the rest of the day went quite well:

1) Vet gave a thumbs up on kitty's healing injured eye;
2) Van was fixed and looking wonderful thanks to Nelson's Auto Body;
3) Only paid about $22 to fill up the van--hurray!!!;
4) Poochie finally dropped a load in front of me so a sample could be taken to the vet (yes, my second trip there, today!!!);
5) The sun came out and I needed my sunglasses!!! Yesssss!!! :-)
6) Flock of wild turkeys on both sides of the road as I was driving by :-)

Much more good stuff happened that I'll be remembering tonight as I count my blessings one by one! --LKR

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