Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leapin' Lilies!

We've had two of our butterfly gardens for three years, now, and they are looking fuller than ever--even with the bunnies and deer snacking on their stalks--and buds! Oh, and with the moles sometimes chowing down roots, too! --Oy!!!
You know, my once thriving patch of stinging nettle began dwindling, which baffled me. So I camped out in front of that patch and caught those little moles red handed! Well, stinging nettle is high in vitamin C..., but those were meant for our Milbert's Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, and Question Mark butterfly caterpillars, as well as for soups and stews for us in the place of spinach! But, like I said before, the gardens are finally filling in, in spite of things. Because we've moved around enough and have started many perennial gardens at each place, we've had the opportunity to observe and prove this saying is true:
1st year, sleep
2nd year, creep
3rd year, leapOur gardens have indeed leapt, to my delight!!!
Having had such a loooooong winter..., they are a much more treasured sight! --LKR

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