Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Falls County Park

We don't have to drive eight hours, any more, to see beautiful waterfalls. Big Falls may not boast dramatic or majestic cascading falls like those found in Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL, but these are beautiful in their own right. And, they are close to home--a huge plus!!!

This 135 acre county park is located in the town of Seymour and borders Beaver Creek Reserve in Fall Creek. It is largely populated by fun-loving college students, but families who know of it's beauty also come to relax along the Eau Claire River's banks, as well as to wade in it's waters.
This is at the top of the largest of the falls.
The huge granite rocks found in this park are very picturesque!
The soothing sounds of melodious music provided by nature... .
There are sandy shores on which to sunbathe.
Bald Eagles reside along the banks of the Eau Claire River and are frequently seen soaring above.
This is a quieter part of the river where people wade in to cross to the other side. If you walk along the sandbar, you won't even get your waist wet!
I didn't even see this dainty damselfly until I viewed it on the computer's screen!

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We can't wait to go back! --LKR

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