Monday, February 4, 2008

XLII Reflections

Wow, 17 to 14! What a close game! We were all glued to our seats--and the screen--that whole fourth quarter!

I must admit, however, even though my team was playing--and won!--this year's XLII Super Bowl game, I watched it in it's entirety
mainly for the commercials.
For that very reason, both my oldest and I took our potty breaks and "ran errands" during the game!

Having majored in Art in High School and taken an Advertising Art class in College (for my Photo Tech degree) many moons ago helped develop my appreciation for such things. To boot, my super tough professor who worked on Fifth Ave in NYC, drilled into us what made for good advertising. The element of surprise was always good, and how you presented it was imperative.

Our favorites were:
* Fed Ex (giant carrier pigeons--a new reason to fear birds!)
* Bridgestone Tires (the
screaming squirrel, animals, insect (loved it!), and lady passenger (my reaction to this type of situation to a "T"!))
* Budweiser (dalmatian training the horse for
next year's team)
* Coke (the balloon characters clambering and scrambling for the bottle and Charlie Brown getting something good, for once!)

Others I enjoyed were:
* Bud Light (where the poor, flying man "living his dream" gets sucked into a plane's engine only to have another passenger ask, "Rough flight?")
* Bridgestone Tires (with Alice Cooper (so that's what he's been up to!) and
Richard Simmons, my fitness guru during my college years (he hasn't changed a bit!))
* Coke
(I hate politics, but liked this political one, for some reason)

As far as the game went, I found it to be exciting, like when a Giants player caught the ball on his helmet! (Sorry--don't remember who caught that one.) And with that close of a game, when the Giant's scored in the fourth quarter, our poor poochie leaped out of his fur with the deafening roar made in our family room! (He's not used to hearing all five of us shout all at once at the top of our lungs--he doesn't go to soccer games!)

Congrats to Plaxico Burress for that final touch down (yes, the Lord
did allow him to play, and for a good reason!!!), Eli Manning for his admirable leadership, and to all the Giants and Giant's fans out there! And condolences to the Patriots and their fans who played a super season! --LKR

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