Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's Go for a Ride!

This trip starts out at the DMV, right by the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport. It is on the extreme north of Eau Claire, a truly beautiful area once you work your way out of the industrial section.

The trip to the DMV was a successful one, in many ways:

1) I was in and out of there in 45 minutes!!! NJ must be worse, by now, but in IL, one year, I stood--and sat--in line for three hours at the DMV in Villa Park!!!

2) Even though I had to have a picture taken for the renewal of my license, this has been the second time in a row I've actually
really liked my headshot!!! Only in WI!!! Sorry to NJ and IL... .
Hummm--I wonder if the woman who takes these shots would like to volunteer on our school's yearbook staff! We could always use more help, and I'm looking for people to fill in for those of us who will be leaving once our children graduate on to middle school!

3) This new license is good for eight years, provided we don't do something silly, like change our address!!! I'm loving it!!!

This used to be Moulton's Skate America up until a year or two ago. It's still a popular place for kids to spend the afternoon!

When I'm up this way, I like to take a detour over and around the airport to take in the views. We won't go too far, as it's a "long" trip home, and my camera accidentally got set to a wrong setting.

It was an overcast and cloudy day, but still beautiful. These are scenes of where the Chippewa River cuts into the landscape. I was fortunate enough to witness a plane coming in for landing over the river. It's always a thrill!


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