Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hi, Mister Poochie, here!

Today, I'll tell you about my little buddy, Sienna, I will. Sienna is my sibling Hannah's little red stuffed bear. Together, they are doing a geography project for school, they are.

You can help by participating in one of two ways, you can: 1) if you see them personally, you can sign Sienna's book of travels, or 2) you can sign their blog under "comments". Just click on:

The class needs to know where you live or lived, where you work, what you do, and interesting places you've traveled, they do. They will be charting it at school on maps sometime later in the spring, although Mom thought it might be fun to leave the blog up indefinitely, she does. She used to homeschool my siblings, she did, and says it's "still in her".

The picture above is of me and Sienna, today. Mom had given me a big yummy yummy chewy chewy boney bone, and I asked Sienna if she would like to nibble on it with me. Sienna doesn't eat as much as my kitty sister Rocky does when we share things, she doesn't! Mom says I always eat things quickly even
without any help!

--Mister Poochie

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