Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dog Days in the Dead of Winter???

Hi! It's me, Mister Poochie!

Mom took this picture, she did, as my little kitty brother Toby and I were taking our nappy naps. Remember how
tiny he was? Well, he's sure not that small any more, no, he's not! At 10 months, he is way bigger than our almost 17 year old kitty sister Rocky!

Mom and Alpha often have to rescue Rocky kitty kitty, they do, when he tries to "suma wrestle" with her. She just does not like that, she doesn't. Mom likens it to a toddler attacking a frail elderly lady!

Anyway, Mom says we're laying low, today. Something to do with a snow storm coming through. But when I saw a flash of lighting and heard Mom squealing with delight, I was confused. This time of year? Mom said "yes"--she knew what I was thinking, she did!

Mom just loves thunderstorms, and danced around the kitchen while I scurried out of her way. She calls it her happy dance, she does, and said the thunder and lightning makes her think of summer, her favorite season. So while we got about six inches of the white fluffy fun stuff, Mom's anticipating the sunny season!

I just want to go play and roll around in that white fluffy fun stuff, I do, but Mom says it's a white out, she did. Maybe later... . --Mister Poochie

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