Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Live the Penny!

On this my oldest daughter's 15th birthday, I learned they were honoring her--and coincidentally (ha ha) Abraham Lincoln--with the release of one of four new designs to the penny, a first in 50 years! Okay, okay, so this is in celebration of Lincoln's 200th birthday. But I always counted myself blessed to have a child born on such a great--yet humble--man's birth date while we lived in the land of Lincoln.

The first of four new designs to the tail of the penny is being released today, and with each new quarter of the year, a new one will be released. Different aspects of Lincoln's life will be represented: reading as a young man (pretty significant since he taught himself how to read!), an image of a log cabin, Lincoln as president, and the US capital dome in it's early stage. I would have liked to have seen his home in Illinois depicted, but no one asked me!

Long live the humble penny!!! --LKR

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