Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frontenac State Park

Frontenac State Park towers 350 feet above the Mississippi River. The view from the top is absolutely spectacular!

We took lunch with us, one day, and picnicked at the top. It was thrilling watching eagles and
other raptors soaring above us as well as over the water!

We came here two times while staying in Lake City, MN. Hiking down to the shore was very steep, and I'll just add that going down was much easier than going back up! However, it was well worth the effort!

We made it worth our while and stayed down by the shore and explored. The longer we could put off going back up, the better!

There are also more horizontal trails, but we didn't do them--yet! I want to go back!

A really nice thing about purchasing a permit for the state parks in MN is that they are good for a year from the month you pay for it.

In some states like WI, you buy them for the calendar year which makes it harder if you don't start going to the parks 'til the summer months. --LKR


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