Friday, September 21, 2012

Who to Vote For? Think for Yourselves! :-)

I can still  hear my Political Science teacher speaking to my class echoeing in my mind from oh, so long ago:  "People!  We need to think for ourselves!  Don't believe everything you hear, and don't be content listening from one perspective!  Be empowered!  Be informed!  Don't just follow blindly!" Thank you, Miss Heckman, my wonderful "keep your eyes open, think and find out for yourselves" Political Science high school teacher!!! :-)

I challenge anyone who wants to comment to do so only after you've actually seen this movie or read
 this book so you have your *own* opinions, and come to your *own* conclusions. Be empowered! Be informed! Don't just follow blindly: Obama's America 2016 by Dinesh D’Souza.

This movie resonates well with me, being the daughter of parents who escaped first the socialist (my mom) and then communist (my dad) Hungary.  And I totally agree with this comment:

"My family came to America from Soviet Russia in the late 70th. We love this country dearly and this is so painful for us to see very clearly that this President wants to turn this country into communist hell we escaped. Only people who experienced firsthand life in communist state truly understand how horrible, inhumane, anti-human it can be. If you talk to any immigrant from USSR, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam etc. he will tell you the same thing. The makers of this movie understand the grave danger of current government, they are real patriots ofnthis country (the ONLY great country left in this world). I hope that we will not live to see this country disappear into abiss should this administration of self-important, lying, cheating criminals steal power again."

The below are other comments from people that expressed their own opinions after viewing this movie and worthy of posting:

'2016' completely surprised me. I thought it would be an emotional exhortation to get out the vote against Obama. Instead it was a factual, unemotional documentary of Obama's life and cutlural influences. If what Obama is actually doing to our country wasn't so distructive to our nation's heritage, economy and culture one might even come away feeling somewhat empathetic to Obama's goals and dreams. At the very least one will take the objective truths of Obama's anti-colonialist influences learned first hand from his father, and mentors who were card carrying communits, Weather Underground radicals, and the like. He detests what America is and stands for; the change he wants to bring is to destroy that cultural heritage."


"The film answers the question about Obama's birth.

"What will America look like in 2016 if Obama is re-elected? That is the producers' question that he leaves with the viewers to consider."


"We went today at 11:15 a.m (Sunday) & expected the theater to be empty. Quite the contrary, it was packed  and NOT with just white people either. I was glad to see that the movie did NOT address the issue of Obama's birth certificate. Instead, the movie connected the dots on information that has been right in front of us all the time, but we simply did not know how it all fit together. If anyone has doubts about Obama, Sr. being Obama's father, you won't after you see the interview with his half-brother in Kenya. Not only do they resemble each other, but their voices sound amazingly alike. What was surprising is that his brother is a supporter of capitalism, & that is probably why Obama doesn't help him even though he knows his brother lives in poverty. By the movie's end, you know where we will end up in 2016 if Obama is re-elected and it's a terrifying place. Go see it & take your liberal friends."

Which candidate will keep the American Dream alive?  Which one will continue to allow religious freedom?  Which one holds onto Biblical values?

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Bill said...

Unfortunately, Obama has won. With him, he continues to poison this nation with un-American thinking: *Total freedom for everyone unless it makes one person uneasy. *Everything for everyone as long as someone else is paying.
*People with work ethics paying for those that have none whatsoever.
I feel the sadness, the shame and the feeling of being forlorn at what the last four years have done to our poor esteemed country. The only shame should be on Obama for destroying our country.... I'm tired of Obama's and this administration's lies and agendas. God help us all!! I agree with the movie--it will effect the whole world!