Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget...

9-11 Memorial in Chatham Boro, New Jersey

9-11 Memorial in Morris Plains, New Jersey

9/11 Tribute: America's Rise From Tragedy (featuring Everything by Lifehouse) from anberlin_fan on GodTube.


Sheryl said...

Very nice. There are a lot of towns that have 9-11 memorials made out of the tower beams. Chatham had something like 10 people from the community that were killed, and many more from all over who I later heard were late for work that day. But we're both from Chatham, so you probably already know this! (:

Rose said...

Nice tribute! I never ever ever want to forget this day as sad and shocking as it was. Thanks to all those super heroes on that day, and also to those involved in the many, many, many months of clean-up. God Bless America!!