Monday, September 21, 2009

Retracing Steps For A Worthy Cause

This is a baby hognose snake playing dead. Two hours earlier, my friend and I found him in the middle of a narrow bike path. Something compelled me to go back and check for it. You know how it is when you get that nagging feeling. So after picking my son up from soccer two hours later, we drove on over to Lowes Creek County Park. Carefully, I retraced my steps.
The snake was almost in the same spot I had left him after moving him off of the narrow pine trail. I could tell now it had been bleeding as I carefully placed his tiny body onto a paper towel and brought him back to the van.

Sadly, every year we find several young snakes that have perished in their youth. Thankfully, this one has a fighting chance! --LKR

Update: This morning, he's all curled up and looks pretty normal. White Pine Wildlife Rehab Center is still going to take him in.

Update 9/26/09: White Pine called to tell us the snake didn't make it. :-{

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Carol said...

Oh, how sad! He's sooooo cute!