Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Falls

I was in great need of seeing the top of Big Falls on this beautiful day! We were relatively close by, so took a quick trip on over.
William had just done a solo for cello, and was all dressed up!
This steep path leads to right below the falls.
I love the ice on top of the rocks!
This is the top of the falls. I would have loved to have seen this with more ice and less sloshy snow, but I'm not complaining!
Cool, huh?! While we were here, a large chunk of slush slid down into the river. It was a quieter noise than the last time we were here and heard ice heaving, falling into the icy river below.
Next year, I'd like to spend more time here out in the winter! It's truly beautiful here year round! --LKR

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