Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventures in Mud, Muck, and Slush

Hi, it's me, Mister Poochie! What a beautiful day we had, today! It was in the 60's, it was!
Ice and the white fluffy fun stuff were melting fast. Yesterday, too, was warm! Hurray!
We did not have a really long walk, today, oh, no. Mud and slippery slush kept us from going too far. For cyclists, too!
I helped Mom up this one, I did!
Some trails we had to cross over... .
Mom caught me picking up on scents, she did!
We didn't take this path, oh no!
Nor go down this trail, for sure!
Mom sunk deep into mud right here, she did!
This path is called Bump. I wanted to explore, but Mom said, "No, we go home."
I got to play wild dog on the way back, I did! I lead Mom off trails and into fields where we ran and Mom laughed.
I found a "leave it" running through the grass, I did. Mom wouldn't let me make nice. These are holes where the "leave it" live and travel. We had fun! --Mister Poochie

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