Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where to Find a Thermologist

Several people have asked where they could find a thermographer in their area, so I'm adding links that I've found. Check all five lists, as there are a few that are different on each site. The first one is of my thermographer who travels throughout the midwest. Also, ask around, or even call these places to see if they know of someone closer to you.

Don't give up--it took me three years to find someone who is a traveling thermologist that just started coming to my area. Check with chiropractors, alternative healthcare providers, wellness centers, holistic healers, massage and physical therapists--anyone and everyone!

Sports docs may know, as athletes have thermograms done on their injuries. Horses have thermograms done, too, so it's a lot more common than we are led to believe.
My friend in IL had a thermogram done in Chicago several years ago and this doctor still does them, yet I haven't seen him listed anywhere. Once you find someone, check into their reputation. It's an extremely valuable tool! Make sure the kind they do also screens for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC).

I had my thermogram done earlier this week, and just got the results today that everything is fine. It's just like having your picture taken, minus the blinding flash! I'll just need to go back in about three months to get my thermal signature baseline established, and every year or so after that.

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