Friday, November 9, 2007


This is Wisconsin, so I shouldn't be too surprised that it's snowing in November--this for the second time, already! And, after all, 16 years ago it did snow in the Chicago area on my wedding day on the second of November!!! Imagine that--I've lived in the midwest for 17 years and I'm still not used to this weather! Never do I remember it snowing that early in New Jersey!

My poor little poochie puppy out in the white, fluffy stuff. It wasn't snowing when I put him out!

Some time after it stopped snowing, I counted 14 robins in just a small section of our yard! I'm sure there were even more of them hanging around close by--the deck obstructed my view. Yes, the snow did not stay on the ground too long!

Not all robins migrate south for the winter.
Those that stay behind feed on the fruits of bittersweet, crabapple, snowberry, sumac, and many others. At feeders, they look for treats such as apples, raisins, currents, oranges, cranberries, as well as other berries. They also like moistened dog food in the place of worms.
Bon appetit!


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