Friday, October 5, 2007

There's Fungus Among Us!

All of these mushrooms were found and photographed on our property, but there were even more! I used my fun-to-use Canon S3 IS and my daughter's sharp little Nikon Coolpix L4 to capture these images. Both cameras do a nice job with macro, however since I don't use a tripod, they're not as sharp as they could be. Thought they were interesting enough to share.

Just a reminder: many wild mushrooms are poisonous. --LKR

This big, beautiful mushroom on the left flattened out in a matter of days to look like this on the right. I've never really studied fungi to see how much they can change over the course of time. Found this very interesting!

The conical trio on the left did not want to stay in focus in front of the lens. I would have dusted off my trusty old Pentax K1000 if a) I had any unexpired film for it..., and b) if any of my lenses had been cleaned. They used to take regular trips down to the Jersey shore with me, and as a result, have a bit of gritty sand in them, especially the telephoto.

This mushroom always freaks me out when I first stumble upon them. They are rosier in color than others, and smoother, and just look too close to flesh! The way they pop up out of the ground, concealing their stem, adds to my initial alarm. It just looks wrong, you know? Over time, they turn brown.

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