Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Spotted Trio at Dusk

Right before dinner, this evening, a trio of deer were spotted in our neighbor's yard. We get them all the time, according to our neighbors, the telltale hoof marks seen throughout our yard, and disappearing vegetation!

Even though they come smack up to our house, we do not see deer that often. The largest part of our property--where they frequent the most--is on the north side where we only have one window. And, unfortunately, that's located in the laundry room, all the way down stairs!

Bow hunting season has already started in our neck of the woods. Admittedly, I do enjoy venison. It's the slogans like "Bambi must die" that bother my inner child. Deer--with tongues hanging out of their mouths--displayed on top of the same car or truck for days doesn't sit really well with me, either. My hubby, who grew up in WI, says these trophies are a normally expected--and accepted--sight, come fall.

Hunting wasn't really that big where I grew up in northern NJ. My first real exposure to it was when a neighbor my sister and I babysat for cautioned that if we wandered down into their basement with the kids, we might find some deer "parts". And, on our way to school, we could see deer skins hanging outside on the cloths line over their fence. My friends, sister, and I would cringe as we'd walk by.

These photos are my trophies so that Bambi can live! (I'm posting three so you'll know they're real, not those lifelike statues seen in people's yards that I get fooled by!) Hunting is not for the faint-of-heart! --LKR

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