Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Serenity of Summer School

Amidst the hassles of summer school is a time of solace for me. True, there is no sleeping in on these lazy days of summer, and we're quite literally on the go all morning long, four times a week, five weeks in a row--six, if you count Orchestra.

For the past three years I've driven to three different schools each summer, with times overlapping. All have been in opposite directions and clear across town from each other. But I've spent the two hours between the longest waiting period as a time of peaceful relaxation. No dishes, laundry, or cleaning. It's my time to do as I please with no distractions, something any mom would covet. Time to read, write, or work on my embroidered tablecloth.
(That, I must add, is filled with almost 16 years worth of fading dinner guest’s signatures, patiently waiting to be immortalized in colored floss.) All this is mine without the guilt of needing to urgently do something more pressing. The 50 minute round trip is just not worth the time--nor my sanity--to spend at home for a mere hour. And, with the price of gas, it's a more economical choice!

So, here I sit at the north side of town, listening to birds chirping, rustling leaves in the breeze, and the laughter of children playing in a nearby park. Enviable, I know, but like all things like this that are too good to be true, it has an
end. --LKR


Carol said...

Hey! I like your stories, and this tablecloth is really neat! Where'd you get the idea?

Leza said...

Hi, Carol, and thanks for your comments and compliments! I got the idea for the tablecloth some 30 odd years ago as a child when reading "Hints from Heloise", and thought it'd be something fun to do.

Anonymous said...

hi leza! just found your blog via beth's comments, read a few, and then voila, my name on your tablecloth ... and michael's :) and many others I haven't seen in years. memories of chicken paprikash are starting to surface ... good ones! love to you and your brood, holler if you ever come w/in range of nyc, we'd love to see you again.

Leza said...

Yo, Girl! It's so nice hearing from you!!! How long has it been??? Too long, huh? Well, my dear, you'll just have to come on over for another bite! ;-) And bring your adorable little boys with you. Yea, sure, this means Michael, too! :-D The kids remember him fondly and miss all the spinning "rides" he gave them--William honestly just mentioned that the other day! We're gluten free in our home, now, but the meals taste the same. We're hoping to get back to NJ next year. That'd be great if we could meet you somewhere. Don's first experience of NY was driving over to Yankee stadium..., and it wasn't a very pleasant one! He also couldn't get over how pricey it is to cross state lines, and then park! LOL!!! We very much enjoyed the game, though, and were thankful for the tickets Carlos gave us! :-) Unfortunately, our time is always too short in NJ--or maybe it's because there's too much to do and too many people to see.
Hummm--maybe I should post another section of the cloth so you can see more names... ! :-) Yes, it certainly brings back happy memories! Love and miss you guys! Hugs to all!