Monday, May 16, 2011

Frost And Ticks

This morning, we woke up to frost. It was 33F when the kids left for school. Really? I mean, come on, we're into the second week of May!!!
Yesterday, I fortunately only planted three annuals which had to be covered before I went to bed. It had been sunny and warm, though a bit windy. Thankfully, a friend warned me in advance!!!
Driving to a cookout and Bible Study, late yesterday afternoon, I found a tick crawling around on my neck! What a creeper! I call them "perverted parasites" because of the places I've found them on me and the kids! --LKR


Gretchen said...

So far this has been the worst year ever for us with regards to ticks. I pick 2 or 3 a day off the kids' heads.

Leza said...

Gretchen, already?!!! :-P Ugh, and if there are that many by you this early in the year, what's it going to be like during the summer? :-P

Libby said...

Blech! I sure do hate ticks. Any creepy crawlies, really. Do you use frontline for your dog(s)? And why has no one come up with a human equivalent of Frontiline? Wouldn't it be nice if we could put something on us once a month that would keep the ticks away and off of us?

Leza said...

Hi, Libby! I started thinking of them as the cute little crabs we'd search and rescue down at the shore all the time (they look like the *adorable* little babies we'd find clinging to seaweed in the ocean! :-)), so that's made it *much* easier to deal with them... . I guess you would say I send them off to the sea by flushing them down the commode (ever see "Finding Nemo"?) once they're removed.

Toxins verses the diseases the ticks can spread... . I don't like to use Frontline because of the toxins..., but think I will, this year, just to *cut down* on the exposure to ticks. And since I take Poochie out in the woods with me..., yea, that's prob a good idea!!! :-}

Poochie had anaplasmosis this past winter which has the same symptoms as Lymes... . You treat that the same way you treat Lymes, with antibiotics. Thankfully that is not as dangerous as Lymes, but left untreated it causes problems.

I wonder what a tick's purpose was before the fall? It would be nice if ticks were on the endangered species list!!! :-)

Leza said...

For the record, we had frost Tuesday morning, as well. :-P But the rest of the week looks good, so the lingering winter-like weather hopefully now is a thing of the past!!! Monarchs have been spotted in town (not by me--yet!) and north of us, so it *better* be over!!! :-)