Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terrific Tuesdays

A little humor for you all on this Terrific Tuesday brought to you by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins! Just think back to when you were growing up. I remember these things well as if they happened yesterday!

Just wondering--does anyone over 40 ever remember sliding through those stupid swings that had the bars in front that were supposed to hold very young children in? Traumatic, huh?! Enjoy!


Bekki said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually slipping through when my dad miraculously caught me!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that, I screamed and carried on any time I saw a swing, even after they started putting a vertical strap in so kids couldn't slide through. Think I was in my TEENS before I got enough nerve to get back on one!!!!!!

I LOOOOOVE Tim Hawkins! Thanks for posting cuz I never saw this one, before! Oh, dooooo I remember the buuuuurn, and not being able to get all the way down the slide cuz I was also stuck to it with the sweat and heat!!!!! Oh, the PAIN!!!!!!! Glad we lived to be able to LAUGH about it!!!!!!!

Ha, and they called it a PLAYground? Maybe for sadistic parents and babysitters watching us poor kids!!!!!!!!!!! Na, they were innocent. It was the people who MANUFACTURED those FUN things for kids that are to blame!!!!!!!! Mwahhahah. Okay, Now I'm being silly, but this suuuuure brings back memories!!!!!!

Leza said...

LOL, Bekki!!! :-D Thanks for your comment!!! :-)

ginny said...

lol this guy is really funny!