Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heat Wave!!!

Here in the upper midwest, we're experiencing extreme heat. While 92F may not sound scorching to anyone living in dryer climates, when high temps are combined with high humidity, the heat index can easily rise up and over 100F. This could lead to heat related illnesses such as heat stroke in both humans and animals.

Stay in air conditioned buildings, drink plenty of fluids, and if you must be outside, wear a hat and stay in the shade.

Check up on elderly neighbors, and families with young children. A day like this is not good for gardening or running around outside!

Outdoor dogs (and cats!) should have plenty of shade and water to access throughout the day.

For wild animals, consider leaving shallow dishes of water in shady areas, or hanging an extra hummingbird feeder out for hot, hungry hummers.


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