Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rumble In The Jungle 2010

It was a beautiful, sunshiny day. One would never have guessed it was -4F at 9:00 am!!! Thankfully, it warmed up a tad bit more before the races began at 10:45.

The Swiss Miss Rumble in the Jungle was held at Lowes Creek County Park in Eau Claire, WI. This was the fourth annual race, which is now held in memory of Tim Dusick, the race's founder. Paula (Tim's widow), along with Mark and Emily Blaskey, have been keeping Tim's dream alive. Rumble in the Jungle is now a qualifying event for the 2010 Snowshoe Nationals.

First up were the children's race. Trax of the Eau Claire Express, Fazoli's Tomato, as well as a kind-hearted Turtle joined in on the fun. The 5K race began! The 10K started shortly thereafter. Racers began filtering through down the Ridgeline Trail, headed toward Skull.

Racers--and walkers--along Fence. The finish line was near at hand!!!Three lads clad in kilts
Kelly Mortenson of St. Paul, MN with fellow recipient Andrea Mueller of Edgar, WI each won as the overall male and female of the 10K Swiss Miss Rumble in the Jungle snowshoe race.

In the dead of winter, this is a very welcomed event! --LKR


Anonymous said...


Why aren't you participating in the race?

What is the average duration to finish the 10k race?

Leza said...

Hi, Anon! :-)

Weeeell, I *might* have joined them if my camera didn't finally *start*..., and also if it hadn't started *focusing* properly. It was one cold day!!! [The first two shots shown weren't my best--the first one wasn't totally focused... and the 2nd was set on sports mode because it wasn't capturing images quickly enough, and yes, I had just taken the battery off of the charger before heading out to the race!!!--May actually be ~why~... .]

Good question. I don't have access to that info, and I don't think they analyzed the race. Believe the overall winners clocked in under an hour, but I'm not sure. People, even from the 5K, were still coming through closer to 1 1/2 hours--some people were just walking it for fun. :-)

I *did* get my exercise walking--and running--through the woods to various trails, but it's much more a spectator and social event for me! :-)

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun !