Saturday, June 6, 2009

School's Out!!! Part Two

This is our time at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The past few times we've been here, they've all spent most of their time on the bottom floor playing with light and weather-related hands-on activities.

Eldest child doing a non-museum techie thing--texting!!!
Not many people were there, so it was easier for the kids to do what they wanted to do, and much easier to find them!!!

A creative way of advertising for the movie coming out, later this month! We came to see the Titanic, but saw the Grand Canyon, again, which was worth it!
Spherical Lens--you look through it with a friend--or sibling--and observe the magnification.
This is my son magnified. Step away from the sphere, and images turn upside down.

The cherubs sometimes drag their feet about the hour long trip, but once there, it's hard to drag them away! --LKR

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