Saturday, January 17, 2009

Taking a (Much Needed) Break!

It's much warmer outside, today, but I'm still glad to have not set foot through the front door all day!!! Luxury--the kids can take Mister Poochie out during the day instead of me! In the summer, it's a pleasure; in the winter, it's a chore!!!

I've been taking breaks off of working on uploading last-minute photos and putting pages together for my daughter's elementary school's yearbook, and doing some relaxing embroidery, instead. Oh, and blogging this! Our first deadline is February 2nd, but it's better to get it done earlier. Less stress!!!

I've been on the volunteer yearbook staff for five wonderful years, now, and love it! Sadly, this is my last year, as my baby will be graduating 5th grade and entering the middle school scene. I'm really going to miss the kids, staff, and the great group of volunteers who help put together this wonderful book of memories! I'm just hoping someone will step in as the new adviser. We already have a wonderful photographer who stepped in last year to help me with the (fun and rewarding!) work load! Thanks, Anne!!! --LKR

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