Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pass the Pomegranates, Please!

We just love pomegranates! Unfortunately, they're a seasonal fruit and only available to us in the fall. Here is an easy way to access the seeds:
Cutting the very top of the pomegranate reveals the whitish skin separating the seeds into sections.
Slightly cutting into the sections makes it easier.
It's now easy to gently pull each section apart!
The seeds are easily freed with your fingers and a little bit of twisting.
They are wonderful additions to salads, yogurt, or cereal, but we love to eat them all by themselves! Yes, it takes a little work to get to the tasty seeds hidden within, but it's well worth it!

A note of caution is needed, here: Please be careful if you take certain medications. The same drugs which are effected by grapefruit will also be by pomegranates.

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