Saturday, June 14, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome

Isn't he sweet? Hannah found him hiding in tall grass by a small lilac bush in our yard. Elizabeth was still out mowing the lawn, so hopefully she didn't accidentally hurt any of its siblings!
We watched as the mother bird called this and another sibling to the safety of a nearby bush and hop up a few branches from the ground. I only hope it was high enough to keep them safe!
Hannah ran to notify one neighbor who has a sweet, huggable hunting cat about the babies. Later, another neighbor's adorable mini dachshund was found wandering around in our yard close to where the babies were hiding. Harley loves to eat baby birds and bird eggs! NOAA Weather Radio had also issued severe thunderstorm warnings for our area, this evening. To make matters worse, we also have a lot of hungry crows that frequent our yard. It's hazardous living in a sin-cursed world! --LKR

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