Saturday, May 24, 2008

Henry Vilas Zoo & Ducks in the Dells

This is the last half of the fourth grade field trip down to Madison and the Dells...

The Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin

This land was donated by the Vilas family in 1904 as a public park, and the first animal exhibits were constructed in 1911. The zoo was named in memory of their young son, Henry, who died from diabetic complications. It remains, along with Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, one of the few free zoos in the nation.
Isn't he cute? At Turtle back Zoo in West Orange, NJ, and Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL, peacocks roam around free.Buffalo and green leaves
I don't know which excited me more after the long winter we just had!

Pink flamingos contrasting nicely against the purple weedsNot sure if these are crocs or gatorsAn emu
Years ago, friends of ours tried to raise these odd looking birds. It didn't last!
Inside the Tropical Rainforest Aviary

The Original Wisconsin Ducks in the Dells

The Original Wisconsin Ducks have toured visitors around the Dells for more than 57 years. Previously, these 7.5 ton amphibious vehicles proved to be valuable during World War II due to their versatility on both land and water. This is possible by changing the Duck’s tire pressure right from the captain’s seat!!!

If you've seen the new Indiana Jones film, you've seen a Duck! These vehicles are as at home on land as they are on water.
Each Duck is 31 feet long by 8 feet wide, and does not have power steering!On land...
...and into the water! Quack quack quack!!!There were a lot of really cool looking sandstone formations along the Wisconsin River.
This deer wasn't the least bit frightened of the noisy Duck! Our witty driver and guide stopped so we could all take pictures.Back on land, squeezing through Red Bird Gorge... ...and through the woods!
This was a really fun way to end the day!


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