Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Educating Entertainers Eating Aphids

I know many of you are not fond of these little beetles, let alone any bug in your homes, but to me, they are a mixed blessing. Call me nuts, but I rescue them before they accidentally go down the drain when searching for water, turn off lights when they fly into them at night, etc.

Why do I welcome them? They:

1) feast on the aphids that are unavoidably brought in on plants at the end of summer

2) are bright, colorful, and alive!!!

3) provide entertainment (while doing dishes, etc)

4 & 5) bring back memories of the real Ladybugs that were plentiful in my youth that would overwinter, lay eggs, and their alligator-looking larvae were an introduction to metamorphosis=education

Soon, they will disappear as warmer weather approaches, but until then, I'm enjoying their antics. And am relocating them to a newly bought plant that's covered in aphids! --LKR

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