Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Cancellations!!!

The snow didn't really start flying 'til closer to 10AM. Thankfully the kids did not have a snow day, today. I personally would have been crushed! I don't know what Lizabeth, my oldest, would have done, either, if they had called off school!

Today was her field trip to the Guthrie Theater in MN. They went to see "A Christmas Carol", and were going out for fast food for a late lunch before heading home. It's about a 2 hour drive under ideal driving conditions. With all this snow, and I'm sure traffic, it's going to make for one loooong day! Fortunately, tomorrow is a day off for them!

They had a fun day at school, yesterday. Several of the teachers got dressed up as the various ghosts. Her English teacher was dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Present, carrying around boxes of food. I would have loved to have been there to see this!

If we had stayed in the Chicago area, Lizabeth would have gone into the Windy City for cultural events such as this. Growing up 45 minutes from NYC, my sister and I were also fortunate enough to have access to many museums and theaters. Even after graduating from high school and college, it was so much fun bringing visitors from all over into the city. My all time favorite haunt was the MMA (Metropolitan Museum or Art). A day was not quite enough time to see everything, especially if you wanted to spend quality time there! --LKR

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